Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vicka's mom comes to visit

Here are a few recent pictures for you.
My permission to be in Provideniya is about to expire, so I had to return to Alaska. I got back here to AK Wednesday evening. My new paperwork should be ready soon and I hope to return inside a month. Vicka and the girls stayed in Provideniya this time so as to continue working on some paperwork for our apartment that we didn't really want to interupt. So to help Vicka while I was/am away, Vicka's mom made the trip to Provideniya to be with the girls while I am here in Alaska. They are having a wonderful time with mom/grandma, though I miss being with them and hope to return as soon as possible. (She arrived last Monday, which would have been your Sunday...last week...and I left on Thursday of that same week)

Here are a couple pictures of one of our rooms in our Provideniya apartment that we remodeled. Well, new wall paper, light switch and electrical plugs. :) I wish I had a "before" picture...