Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Bible Camp Part 3

My last part of the winter camp report will be the longest:) Again, I am picking the pictures to tell about the moments that I personally liked the most, so there can be many more other opinions:)

I love the facts that kids enjoy craft time. Not only the girls but the boys as well were heavily involved in everything that I planned for them:) I think their favorite is still - the AWANA's race cars:)
Few kids from the orphanage came with some bad clothes on them and they were in big need of boots too. On this picture Aflaton is trying on his new winter pants and showing off his new boots to hos brother.
One of the boys groups eating their meal:)
Every day at nap time Grandpa Dub and I were visiting a group of kids where he was sharing his testimony and his life (Dub is 88 years old!) The kids just love spending time with Grandpa.
Our VERY late tea time of the camp leaders - great times!
The girls are coloring their cars.
kids singing for the Lord
Our special Christmas Eve (in Russia it is on January 6th) banquet!
More letters from the friends in America.
I just love their faces:)
car race!
Sasha - a very sweet boy from the orphanage, his life was very hard before he got to the orphanage and he has been smoking for several years. Because our camp is non-smoking the teacher, who brought him thought it will help him to stop smoking. Praise the LORD, who gave him the freedom to stop!
Dasha and Yana - such a sweet girls! They are the young leaders at the camp.
On the final night we did a special prayer for all the kids with different stations, where they prayed for salvation for their friends and families, thanked God for things, prayed for each other, it was so neat to see the kids pray!!! Here two girls (one of them is from the non Christian family) are praying for each other and then with the pastor Michail. And they are crying...
Thanking God on the big paper
Aflaton and his new friend Tom. That night Aflaton wanted to take a picture with everyone in the camp, he said that he wants to stay there forever and that he doesn't wants to go back to the orphanage...
More friendships have been made:)
Kids thanked God for the camp and many other things.
I also got prayed for, which was very neat!
camp picture
Last shot and Good bye's!
Thank you LORD for such a wonderful camp that you let us to be a part of! Thank You for those who excepted Jesus in their hearts and thank You for all hearts that where changed including mine.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Bible Camp Part 2

Here I am again:) Starting my second post with this fun picture just brings smiles to my face:) The boxes are with cookies for the kids and they were not heavy at all:)
On this picture Grandpa Dub Page together with Alan, the orphan boy. Alan was in camp before and this time he came together with his little brother. Dub told Alan that he prayed for him last year so they can meet again and God answered his prayers. Praise the LORD for the newborn soul as Alan excepted Jesus in his heart in this camp and Dub got to lead him in prayer!
I just love the pictures when the kids sing about God's love!
"I will take a little bit of love from Heaven and bring it to the Earth..."
Bible lesson (someone took a picture of GJ taking a picture:))
Discussion in small groups after the lesson

The boys are ready for their daily sports:)
One of them is Andrei, who I met in summer camp. He came to GJ after one evening services and asked him how he can except Jesus in his heart. Later pastor Michail prayed with him! It is even more exciting because Andrei's older sister who was one of the girls leaders and is a Christian could see her brother come to know the LORD!
Me again:) liking this Russian milk drink for kids:)
Another craft time - we were making cards
On this picture our camp Grandma Nadya with the boys - she was adored and loved by everyone and she was just wonderful!
A letter from an unknown friend in America

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Bible camp Part 1

GJ and I had an opportunity to go to Moscow to serve in kids winter camp that SOAR puts together with our Russian brothers and sisters in Christ. The team that we were working this time was new to us, but they all were amazing!!! We loved every minute on being there and serving our LORD side by side - what a privilege!
We have so many pictures that it was hard to pick only a few, so I will have to make two parts and it will be just "Vicka's report":)
On this picture kids are arriving to camp. They did it in several groups and this is one of them from Moscow.
GJ is helping with unloading - one of the rare shots of him as he is always behind the camera.
The weather was so nice and everything was so beautiful and covered with snow that we agreed to call it "Winter Wonder Land!" The tractor is trying to keep up with snow:)
I was responsible for crafts, and on this picture I am getting ready for one of them.
Upon their arrival the kids received their hygiene kits, that one of the churches in US put together and that was a hit! The teacher that came with the kids from the orphanage was so grateful for individual tooth pastes, tooth brushes, soaps and many other things that kids got as she was given only 3 tubes of tooth paste to take to the camp and 3 bars of soap for 10 kids and she had no idea how to she was going to divide it! God thought about that!
Our evening worship service
Dick opened the camp with Gospel Magic presentation - that was so much fun! Kids still talk about the"secrets" that they think they know:)
Then groups of girls and boys gave their presentation and on the picture is one of my favorites:)
Every day we had winter tipe games outsides and crafts activities inside.
All kids are incredibly talented! Even boys were a great sport on the craft hour:)
Thank you GJ for all the pictures!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas presents

I am late with this post, but my mom really wants to know what kids got for Christmas and this is the only way she can see:)
Our Christmas tree was small and very cute, one of our friends gave us this one as the one we had before became too big after we put a door instead of the window that leads into our garage.
The girls with their first gift...
...a pop out tent!!! That kept them entertained all day long:)
Sasha with his new car
Stacia liked Sasha's car too:)
Sasha as well liked Stacia's little wagon:)
Emma got a new skates as she is leaning how to skate and Grandma Susan thought they will be just right! And they were!
Sasha is excited about his new Lego toy
Dolls from Grandma Toma
After Emma got her doll she was taking her places and doing things with her. So the doll had her first school lesson, her first visit to friends, her first movie and many other first things:) LOL!