Friday, September 2, 2011

Emma and her leg

Three days before GJ and I were suppose to fly to Moscow for SOAR summer camp Emma broke her leg jumping on the trampoline. We took her to ER to find out that it was broken and that she needs a splint for a week and only then she can get a cast as her leg was very swollen and doctors were afraid of infections. 
Here are some pictures of her in the hospital:
 Getting her blood tests and iv's plus some medication to help her with pain.
 the leg
 The medication worked right away and she was asleep for a little bit.
 With a splint.
It was the first time I've seen Emma so sad and in so much pain.
 Trying on her crutches.
Those days we were thinking about one of us staying at home to take care of Emma, but God was good to Emma and she started to fill better and better, our friends were there to help, to read to her, to visit and GJ's sister Joanna came to babysit, we trusted that God will take a good care of Emma even when we will not be there. And He did! We went to camp and it was wonderful! Ten children gave their lives to Jesus! You can read reports about summer camp on SOAR's blog.
Emma got her new pink cast and getting around on her crutches pretty well:
 We had a one month follow up with doctor and he said that she will have to stay on her crutches for another month and then another month with the cast, the bones are not growing together as fast as he hoped. Then couple month of rehabilitation and she will be old self:)