Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sasha meets Grandpa

Last week we went to Seattle to do Sasha's Russian paperwork. GJ's parents came to bring Joanna to Moody in Spokane and we all got to visit at his sister Melissa's house. It was such a wonderful family time! We also went to visit couple of churches, who support us and were encouraged by the fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.
Grandpa meets Sasha for the first time
Big smile

Auntie Joanna meets Sasha

Grandma Susan got to hold her grandson and kiss his cheeks:)

Sasha fall asleep on Grandpa's lap

Men's talk

Cousin Jade met Sasha as well. She was so caring and sweet about her little cousin:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sasha is four month old

Our little boy is Four month old!!! He is 15lb and 8 oz and he is 24 inches long. Emma and Stacia adore their little brother and they take turnes to help mommy with diaper change:)
with Emma

Stacia, Emma and Sasha

Did I tell you that he is drooling a lot?:)

Cutting the trees

Our friends needed more light in their house and GJ has been helping them to cut some trees.
On the lift

some teenagers didn't want that tree go :) So they protested by hugging the tree:)

But it had to go anyway...

Can you see that Daniel got more bars on his phone?:)

Vicka's new hair cut

I needed a new hair cut for a wile and finally the opportunity came alone! My friend Stephanie gave me two colors of highlits, wonderful hair treatment and a cool haircut as a GIFT!!! More than two hours of beauty time just for me - what a treat!!!! Thank you Stephanie!
Here is me and Stephanie
Back vew

front vew

Better picture with colors.
What can I say... I feel so beautiful:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing BIG!

Sasha is almost four month old

Emma's BIG jump!

Emma has been taking swimming lessons for the last two weeks. The last day was a big day for all the kids as they got an opportunity to jump of the big jumping board in to the swimming pool. Emma was very excited and so was I. :) Stacia and Sasha came as well to cheer for their big sister! :)
Emma was not sure at first about going to the end of the board

then she let go of the rail

Jump #1


She jumped!!! My little girl was so brave! She wanted to jump again and her teacher let her do it again.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip to Seward

Last Sunday after church we went to Seward with our friends. It was such a beautiful and sunny day for Alaska. We also went to see the EXIT glacier on our way back. Because the short walk was fluded we had to take the long pass to the edge of the glacier.
Emma by the waterfall
This mark shows you where glacier was in 1917!
GJ and Stacia
Me? Sash and Stacia on the bridge

Daniel had to take the stroller as it was getting really hard for me to push it up on the rocky road. Sometimes he had to carry it...
Emma got cold, so we borrowed Daniels sweater

The EXIT glacier

This picture shows you when glasir was before and how much it melted in a last almost 200 years