Monday, October 3, 2011

Three days in Provideniya

 Last Monday I had an opportunity to go back to Provideniya  for three days. We are so sad that we were not able to go there this summer, we are still waiting on church to get their registration paperwork. The weather was so beautiful and time with my Russian brothers and sisters in Christ couldn't be better. I just love every one of them dearly and my heart longs to fellowship with them, encourage and support them in their walk with the LORD. On this pictures are some new and old things that I discovered there:)
 New playground for the kids in the middle of the city.
 Blue sky over the bay.
 New square and pictures on the building by the House of culture.
 New flags, old Lenin.
 New map and outline of how many people live in that area and how many villages around it.
 Me with my dear sisters from the church:
Oksana, little Vicka, Tatiana, big Vicka and Sveta.
 Picture of me:)
 Early morning over the city.
 One of the empty buildings.
Bus stop sign.