Monday, June 29, 2009

Another birthday party!

We had a birthday party for Sveta with all our SOAR stuff. It was fun! We are having a really nice summer - praise God! As I really needed one:) I have not been in a good heat since I left Blagoveschensk in 2004... Anyway here are some pictures:
Sasha and his lips
Emma racing in a willberrow (sorry if I spelled it wrong...)
Stacia and her friend jumping on the trampling
Racing again

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soldotna visitors center

For almost 5 years of living in Alaska I have never been in Soldotna visitors center. So we went last Saturday.
Here we are standing by the man, who got the biggest salmon from the Kenai river. His name is Les by the way:)
Daniel and the bear
Down to the river. Sveta is Emma's favorite person now:)
By the river
Mommy and Emma

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach in June

We went to the beach with Sveta, Sasha, Daniel, Emma and Stacia. It was windy and kinda cold... But as always in Alaska it was beautiful! We picked some rocks and took some pictures:)
Emma with her hands in the sand
Daniel and Stacia filming the movie

Stacia, Daniel, Sasha, Sveta and Emma
Stacia smiles
Daniel and the girls
Picking up some rocks

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wild Life in Alaska

We went to friends house and saw the Moose. Daniel even filmed Moose mama and her baby. It seemed like they didn't care that we were that close, but we were careful anyway.

Looking at me?


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visiting with friends:)

Because Sveta lives with us everyone who knows her from the past want to invite her over, so we get invited as well:) On Monday we all went to our pastor's house and we had a good time remembering everything that happened in Provideniya as both pastor John and his son Johnny went there in different times. Emma and Anastasia wanted to play dress up, but pastors girls are older now and they do not have any dress up clothes. They ended up giving Emma their own dress and shoose and Anastasia got black top and big glases:)
Anastasia posing in her outfit
I would name this picture:"cool and pink":)
Look at Emma's shoose:)

After a yammie dinner and couple pies for desert some went for a walk to the river and it was beautiful!
Pastor John and mastage
Daniel and beard
Pastor John overlooking the river

All of us exept GJ as he took all the pictures

The pelemeni adventure

Here is Sveta from Provideniya who lives in Canada now. She is going back to Provideniya with her son to do some paperwork and she is staying with us for couple weeks ore more:) We are having a blast cooking together some Russian food. When we made pelemeni we got so excited that we even video taped it and made a movie:) you can see it on You Tube:

Sveta making pelemeni with the help of pelemenimaker:)
Meat in the pelemenimaker before the rolling part. Every pelemenimaker makes 37 pelemeney!

SOAR Stuff Blessing Day

It is a wonderful tradition at SOAR to have a blessing day for a stuff families. Our time came and everyone came to our house to help with yard preparations for planting the grass and next day they came to plant the grass. Thank you everyone for coming and blessing us!
GJ working
Nathaniel driving
Emma is standing:)
She was a hard worker. She earned her first 5 dollars and got sick next day...
She is better now and she had a strap again!
John, GJ and Mike
Dick and the kids
Riding the loader
An anonimus donar donated us two trucks full of top soil! We praise God for this blessing!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Daniel and the girls

Girls love having uncle Daniel around. When he is home from work they play with him all the time:) This is what he says about his time with them: "When I play with Emma - Anastasia is unhappy, when I play with Anastacia - Emma is unhappy... Seems like I can not make them both happy at the same time"
Happy Anastasia onthe swing at friends house

Emma is not happy... She can not swing on the baby swing:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Uncle Daniel meets Sasha

GJ's brother Daniel came to live with us and work in Alaska for summer and maybe longer:) We are very excited to have him and it is so nice to have someone from the family living close by:) (we hope that he can do some baby sitting for us from time to time) So you will see more of Daniel on our blog.
First picture with Daniel and Sasha

Daniel make Sasha smile:)