Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 Month Old!

I am couple days behind with posting:) Ok maybe more:) But here is a picture of Sasha the day he turned 10 month:) We went to the doctor for his check up. He is 29" (75 sm) long and 18 lb and 10 oz. (about 9 kg). He got three teeth so far and crowling on his own everywere. He is standing up and pulling himself up. His favorite is to help me to do dishes ad he likes to get spoons and knives out:)
Help anyone? Those girls are going to eat me up!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Emma feeds Sasha a bottle:)

Post for Luda:)

This post is for my Aunt Luda, who lives in Russia:) She sent some very cute clothes for Emma, Stacia and Sasha. Some of Sasha's clothes is still big but the girls were very happy to try on some new things:) Thank you Luda!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More pictures to enjoy:)

Grandpa and Sasha

Dad or Daniel?


My pet Moose:)

I took this pictures yesterday! She was hungry enouph to try this fake rose:) No more feeding Moose... I have to stay inside for a couple days:):):)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More time with Grandpa

We had a blast with Grandpa!!! And the girls are so sad that he had to go home... On Wednesday we went to see Daniel for lunch and drove around the old town of Kenai.
Dad by the old Russian Orthodox church

Grandpa giving Sasha some tickles

On Friday we went to Seward and stoped by the Alaska Sea Life Center.

We were the only one there and it was fun to see seals in the big tank. You can see that this one liked Dad a lot:)
The girls looking at the beaded seal

On Saturday GJ took Daniel and Dad for a small snowmashine trip and It was a day we went to Anchorage so Dad can fly home on Sunday.

The trail

On the way to Anchorage we saw an airplane crashed on the lake

And we also entered in to the deep fog when the inlet started