Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sasha!

Today Sasha turned 1 years old! Because his birthday comes together with birthdays of 3 of our friends it is triple special:)
Here he is - our little boy at one years old:)

With his sisters, who love him so much!

I love his grin:)

Clapping for his cake:)

This was the fun part for me - to watch my baby eat a cake for the first time:) At the beginning he was not so sure and took a tiny bite:)

Then he gently touched the cake and took some more...

After eating some more...

A Spring Walk

Yesterday we went outside and played around. It was sunny but windy, we walked to the mailbox and blew bubbles:)
Happy Sasha in his stroller:)

And the last but not least)))))

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I did lots of post's today and you know those grandma's:):):):) they like to see lots of pictures:) So I am trying to keep them happy:)
Just one more thing - I am asking you to pray for GJ and Soar's "Baskets of Hope" team as they are in Russia - delivering baskets to the kids in orphanages and needy families. Today they are heading to Vladimir and tomorrow to St. Petersburg. May God will be glorified in all!

Stacia's Birthday Part 2:)

Our little baby girl Stacia turned 3! We started this blog three years ago with her birth announcement and I tell you time flies! Here some pictures from her birthday party for you to enjoy:)

This beautiful dress and shoes were given to her by her Russian Grandma Toma:)

Together with her big sister Emma
With Mommy

With little brother

A special cup cake for a special girl!

Blowing the candles

Fun present from Grandma Susan

Stacia and her balloons

Because of her birthday I got Stacia some balloons:) She loved them and had fun holding them in her hand:)

So much happinies in such a simple thing - this is what childhood is all about:)

Birthday Ice Cream

Because I am a memeber of the Cold Stone birthday club my family members cen get a free ice cream on their birthday:) This what we did for lunch on Stacia's birthday:)
Emma wanted an ice cream cone and Stacia wanted cotton candy ice cream:)
Sasha didn't get any ice cream:(

CIA canival 2010

It became a good tradition for the kids to go to CIA carnival:) Here we are again with painted faces, fishing pole and cupcakes from a cake walk:)
Emma with a butterfly
Stacia with a flower

Stacia won some cupcakes for her birthday

Sasha had a good time with Daniel

Eating some colorful snow cones:)

Stacia's Birthday Part 1

We started celebrating Anastasia's birthday on Thursday with family dinner because GJ was going to Russia on Friday. She wanted eggs and cottage cheese and some ice cream too:)

with uncle Daniel

with Daddy

With her present from Mommy and Daddy

Emma is being silly
Sasha is having fun too:)

Can you see his big teeth?