Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Marry Christmas! We pray that you will have a blessed Christmas and that Jesus will be glorified in your life!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One of those days

Today I have few pictures for you:) One of this days I just wanted to take some pictures of the kids the way they were at that moment.

 Here is Emma, just turned 7, going on 10:) She can not wait to grow up! And I can do nothing about it... She wants to grow her hair out, so here is a hair clip, and some clip on ear rings, missing few front teeth, guess what she wants for Christmas?:)

 GJ was playing his guitar and Emma climbed on his shoulders, wanting to be taller!:)

 Here is Stacia, just sitting in the chair in her poodle outfit:) She has grown a lot lately, but still loves to play dress up:)

Sasha wants to be taller too:) HE is such a fun little guy, loves cars a lot, they are his favorite toys! That is all for now. Hopefully I will be back soon:)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Three days in Provideniya

 Last Monday I had an opportunity to go back to Provideniya  for three days. We are so sad that we were not able to go there this summer, we are still waiting on church to get their registration paperwork. The weather was so beautiful and time with my Russian brothers and sisters in Christ couldn't be better. I just love every one of them dearly and my heart longs to fellowship with them, encourage and support them in their walk with the LORD. On this pictures are some new and old things that I discovered there:)
 New playground for the kids in the middle of the city.
 Blue sky over the bay.
 New square and pictures on the building by the House of culture.
 New flags, old Lenin.
 New map and outline of how many people live in that area and how many villages around it.
 Me with my dear sisters from the church:
Oksana, little Vicka, Tatiana, big Vicka and Sveta.
 Picture of me:)
 Early morning over the city.
 One of the empty buildings.
Bus stop sign.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Emma and her leg

Three days before GJ and I were suppose to fly to Moscow for SOAR summer camp Emma broke her leg jumping on the trampoline. We took her to ER to find out that it was broken and that she needs a splint for a week and only then she can get a cast as her leg was very swollen and doctors were afraid of infections. 
Here are some pictures of her in the hospital:
 Getting her blood tests and iv's plus some medication to help her with pain.
 the leg
 The medication worked right away and she was asleep for a little bit.
 With a splint.
It was the first time I've seen Emma so sad and in so much pain.
 Trying on her crutches.
Those days we were thinking about one of us staying at home to take care of Emma, but God was good to Emma and she started to fill better and better, our friends were there to help, to read to her, to visit and GJ's sister Joanna came to babysit, we trusted that God will take a good care of Emma even when we will not be there. And He did! We went to camp and it was wonderful! Ten children gave their lives to Jesus! You can read reports about summer camp on SOAR's blog.
Emma got her new pink cast and getting around on her crutches pretty well:
 We had a one month follow up with doctor and he said that she will have to stay on her crutches for another month and then another month with the cast, the bones are not growing together as fast as he hoped. Then couple month of rehabilitation and she will be old self:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Emma's new smile

Not so long ago "Tooth Fairy" visited us three times as Emma was loosing her front teeth within a day distance from each other:) We even had to go to the dentist to check on her two top teeth as she fall on the little doll and that cause her teeth to become even more loose:)
So here we go:
Emma's new smile!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Few of my favorite pictures from the 4th of July Parade

I am late with this post, but still want to save some of my favorite memories:) We are very busy with summer plans and beautiful Alaskan weather, I think it is the best summer as far as sunshine goes! We all love it and enjoy being outside as much as we can! May your summer will be sunny as well!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our camping trip

Blogger survived me uploading so many pictures so I hope you will survive after looking at all of them:) I have so much to show that I had hard time picking what I want to share today.
We had three beautiful sunny days on Hidden Lake campground and it was so much fun!
Here is our tents and part of our campsite:
Here the kids are swinging in the chair:)
Hiking the hill
Me and the girls with Kathy, Stephanie and baby Jayden.
The girls and Sasha had a great time doing crafts with Kathy.
Squirrel - remember it:)
We find out the jet ski was not allowed at this lake so it became a jungle gym for some time:)
Sasha and his hat - reminds me someone:)
This is our dinner - baked potatoes on the fire. Only 5 left because that squirrel stole the rest of potatoes! We had 12 to start with...
Sasha on Saturday night - fall a sleep right away - he was done!
Emma and Dick - the great doughnut makers!!!
It is 23:24 and still light in Alaska!
Sasha - playing pick-a-boo!
New day, dew pants, new shirt - same hat!
Sasha and his memory stick
Emma with her stick
And Stacia with hers
Few pictures from the lake:

We event didn't have to leave the boat, because we could go to our place in it!