Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nice Day in Provideniya

Last week we went for a walk and took some nice pictures on the sun
GJ, my Mom, Emma, Stacia and Sasha in the backpack

Sasha with grandma Toma

Me amd my Mom

Provideniya Port
The girs with Grandma Toma


My Mom and me
GJ, Sasha and I

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our first week in Provideniya

On May 11th we arrived in Provideniya!!! I am sorry for not posting sooner but it was soo busy and internet was so slow...
Here some pictures from our first week in Provideniya:
Happy Grandma Toma
Girls with grandma on the play ground near our appartment building

Vicka's Bible study group in church. One of her students is her mom Tamara, who exepted Jesus in her heart on May 6th in Provideniya - the day we were suppose to fly in but couldn't because of the airplane problem. - Praise the LORD!!! He new exactely why we didn't come - so Vicka's Mom will find Jesus!

Girls in the local museum

With grandma in the museum