Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grandpa in here!!!

GJ has been back from Moscow for a week now and we are all so happy he is home! Yesterday we went to Anchorage to meet GJ's Dad at the airport. Grandpa is here!!! THe girls were so excited that he came! We are having a great time:
Our day started with playing "Monopoly Jr" and Stacia won!
Sasha had a lot of fun with his grandpa!
Do you see Sasha's two teeth?

Grandpa with the girls and Sasha.

Ice sculpture by the visitor center

Grandpa with the bear
We went for lunch with GJ and drove aroung a little, then after nap we played more games:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

9 Month old!

What's up with Sasha? He is 9 month old now and crawling everywere, he is sitting by himself and got two teeth so far. He loves playing with his toys and with the girls; he is also eating tons of food! I started pottytraining him and he is already sitting good on the potty and even went number 1 two times;) I know I started late... but I hope to catch up:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's new with GJ?

I know you probably wondering how is he doing. I got to talk to him for a few minutes today and find out that his health is improoving and he started to fill better. Praise the LORD and thank you all for your prayers.
Here is a small update from the Team:

"The distribution went well to the 100 or so children in Vladimir. I don't have a schedule yet but they will distribute stockings tomorrow in Yaraslavl and then take the all night train to St. Petersburg. That is all for today. They will probably have more chance to communicate when they get to St. Petersburg."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Did you sponsor a stocking???

It is not too late to sponsor a stocking as they are getting delivered now in Russia by our "Stuff a Stocking" team. I wish I could be there!!! I love to see little kids faces light up with a smile when they open their stockings, especially those kids who do not have a family...
GJ is on his next trip - bringing hope of Gospel to little ones in the orphanages around Moscow and St.Petersburg. I didn't hear much, just that they were on the way to Vladimir. Keep praying for GJ's health and welness.
If you are wondering about us here in Alaska then we are doing good and are very excited for our Daddy being in Russia and serving the LORD there!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skype with GJ

I am so excited!!! I got to talk with GJ on Skype! I even took a picture of the computer screen:) I know - silly me:) I just miss him so much!
The camp is over and the team left Moscow to go home to US. GJ and three other SOAR team members are taking a quick brake before "Stuff a Stocking" that is going to start on Monday. Please pray for GJ's health as he is so not well. He is taking medication and hoping that resting will help him to get his health back.
Verse for today Psalm 3:3-5 ... God sustains our team as we say goodbye...
Verse for tomorrow Psalm 34:8 ... our team to rest in God on return trip home...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A phone call from GJ

I was excited to be able to talk to GJ on skype this morning. He called on my phone and I called him back so we can talk longer:) I have not heard anything yesterday so I was even more excited when I find out that 3 kids in camp exepted Jesus!!! Praise the LORD!
Today is Russian Christmas and they had a big celebration in camp. Two more days left till it is over - lets pray for more seeds to be planted in the hearts of those kids!
The verse today is Col 4:3 ... God to open hearts to His message...

New dresses from Russia

We finally recives a pakage from my mom from Russia!!! She send several beautiful dressed for Emma and Stacia and it took it 70 days to come here from Russian Far East. We were thinking that it all got lost:) But it came!!! She also sent the most beautiful dress shoes for the girls.
Stacia with her shoes
Emma posing with her shoe

This pictures were taken when we just opened the box

Emma and her dress
Stacia an her fancy dress

The girls together

Another dress for Stacia

Summer dress for Stacia.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A letter from GJ

This morning I recived an email from GJ and learn more about his life in camp:)
Here some things that he writes:
"Things are going well here, it’s pretty cold (today is warm at 12 degrees F) but nice sky. The boys that are in my room are all younger and behave pretty bad and can be a challenge. They like to fight a lot, they are good kids by themselves, but together they start getting crazy. The leader of our group is new to the whole camp counselor thing and doesn’t know how to deal with them too well, but is trying. I have a sore throat, not to bad yet, and hopefully it won’t get any worse, but I appreciate your prayers. Food is fine and the team is great. Not sleeping really well, going to be late and getting up at 7am…Also, I keep waking up several times at night and the bed is worse than the ones we slept on when we were here in ’04".
You can also check every day updates from the camp on SOAR's blog.
Todays prayer verse is 2Thess 3:1 ...that the word of the Lord would be glorified...
As I was writing this post I recived an email to pray for a girl name Ylia, pray for her soul as she is acting really strange as well as for the boy named Sergey from GJ's group. Those kids in the camp for a reason - they need Jesus!!! Lets stand in prayer together in this spiritual warfare that is going on in Russian camp!

Sledding outside

It was not too cold today and I took the kids out to check our mail box. They were happy to get in to sled!

By the end of our walk Emma wanted to get out and to pull Sasha in the sled

Sasha and his rosy chicks:)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Update from GJ

I recived a text from GJ with his little update. It was morning at the camp and he was having a small sore throat and he didn't sleep too well. But it was not to bad. He also said that boys in his room were crazy:) Overall everything is going well. He also said that ge missing me:)
Todays prayer calendar verse is 1Tim. 2:1-4 ...all in authority to be strong in the knowledge of Truth...

Sasha's first tooth

It has been there for a week now but I just got some pictures to post. Isn't it sweet this first tooth! you may want to blow up this picture to see it better:)

No Mommy I am not showing it again!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pray for camp in Moscow

Just wanted to let you all know that GJ made it to Moscow and they are already working in camp. I am so excited for everything God is going to do there and can not wait for the reports! GJ left me a camp prayer calendar and today is January 4th there and we pray on Rom.15:5-6 ... team unity; one in Christ and in His purposes...
I will post more as soon as I will get some news.

Some Christmas pictures

Sasha's 1st Christmas
Girls and their presents
Stacia and her present

Sasha and his present

Stacia and her fancy coat

As Emma says: "My best Christmas present is my dress up clothes!"
Had to share is with her sister of course!