Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our camping trip

Blogger survived me uploading so many pictures so I hope you will survive after looking at all of them:) I have so much to show that I had hard time picking what I want to share today.
We had three beautiful sunny days on Hidden Lake campground and it was so much fun!
Here is our tents and part of our campsite:
Here the kids are swinging in the chair:)
Hiking the hill
Me and the girls with Kathy, Stephanie and baby Jayden.
The girls and Sasha had a great time doing crafts with Kathy.
Squirrel - remember it:)
We find out the jet ski was not allowed at this lake so it became a jungle gym for some time:)
Sasha and his hat - reminds me someone:)
This is our dinner - baked potatoes on the fire. Only 5 left because that squirrel stole the rest of potatoes! We had 12 to start with...
Sasha on Saturday night - fall a sleep right away - he was done!
Emma and Dick - the great doughnut makers!!!
It is 23:24 and still light in Alaska!
Sasha - playing pick-a-boo!
New day, dew pants, new shirt - same hat!
Sasha and his memory stick
Emma with her stick
And Stacia with hers
Few pictures from the lake:

We event didn't have to leave the boat, because we could go to our place in it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garage sale and dandelion wreaths

We did our first garage sale in our new garage and Emma was selling cookies and lemonade.

Her first station by the garage in the morning, ready to sell:)
Our garage
In the afternoon we moved the table on the sun in the grass area. Stacia and her friend are selling cookies too:)
One more move behind the cars.
And here are few pictures of the girls with their dandelions wreaths, that I made on the church picnic.